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On our way back, here's a little tunnel.

The track goes around a few mountains, the GPS says we are 2.5 miles from the truck (straight line), but the track is going around some mountains, we have 5 miles to go.

I wonder what happened here?

A long bridge, but not to high.

Looking back, you can see the big bridge and the canyon we hiked down.

A few palms

This is why no trains right now.

A horned lizard, sometimes called a horny toad, but its not a toad.

Large grove of palms.

What is this?

Sun is setting, had perfect weather all day, for the last half hour it was getting a little cool and very windy

Someone puts gallon jugs of water into these cans. We are only about 8 miles from Mexico, lots of illegals coming through here. When its 110 degrees out here, this can save some lives!

Thats it, the water jugs were right next to our truck, we made it back. We ate all our food and ran out of water, (we didn't drink any of the illegals water), hiked 11 miles, got back to the truck at 7:15 pm (a 9 hour hike). After eating some food and drinking a ton of gatorade we had in the trucks, we started home. We had a long drive on the dirt road back to the highway, by then it was very dark out. Then a long drive back home. It was after 11pm when we got home, on a Sunday, Connor and Cameron had school the next day! Cameron had his STAR Testing on Monday!
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