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Finally made it to the top of the pass. We only covered about 2.5 miles so far, over 8 miles to go. We started at 2000ft elevation, now at 3200ft. Its 1:30pm, 3 hours to get here. Now its down the very steep pass!

Interesting rocks

Dave Kevin and Bill stopping for a picture

Connor and Cameron leading the way. They have been in front all day, when going over rocks we can't keep up.

Dave found some shade

Finally! Our first view of the Goat Canyon Trestle Bridge!

This canyon is getting steeper

We got to this wall, looked over and had no idea how to get down it. After looking we found a way around it, had to sit on our butt and slide down, sending a bunch of rocks flying.

Bill and Kevin walking over a endless rockpile. This is canyon we have been climbing down. Kevin is camouflaged, you can just barly see him.

Getting closer!

This was the original tunnel, it caved in after an earthquake in 1932, so the bridge was built.

Finally on level ground. Its now 3:30pm, we are 4 miles from the truck, over six to go. Its getting late!

Time to check out the bridge

600ft accross and 180ft high, looking down is pretty scary

This is the south end of the bridge, right into a tunnel, we are going to go back the other way.

Look closely and you can see the track cut into the mountain, this is our way back.

Time to move on, back across the bridge

Another view of the canyon we came down, nothing but rocks.

No trains on these tracks for years and years, then sometime in the last couple of years the railroad started using these tracks again. But then recently a track broke (picture on the next page) so today, no trains.

Connor and Cameron, leaving the bridge, we have lots of tunnels and smaller bridges ahead of us. And 7 miles of hiking. But the rest is along the tracks and flat.
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