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On our way to the Goat Canyon Tressel Bridge in the Carrizo Gorge. The plan is to hike to the bridge going over the mountains, and then come back on the railroad tracks, over 10 miles! We have a long ways to go....

Connor and Cameron riding in the back of Kevins Tundra, we just turned off S2 Imperial Hwy (Sweeney Pass Rd), onto Mortero Canyone dirt Rd. for 10 miles of easy 4 wheeling. Kevin has a 4x4. My 2 wheel drive Tundra made it no problem, might be some high rocks that would make this difficult in a car.

Dave and Kevin, we are just getting started, going to climp up Palm Canyon into the Jacumba Mountains. Its 10:30am and a perfect 75 degress outside.

Can these 10 year olds hike all day? Over a mountain Pass?

Lots of climing. We had a GPS, made it easy to find our way. Most of the time there was no trail.

More climbing, Connor and Cameron love it.

Getting close to Mortero Palms. Bill trying to figure out where to go next, we had to back track a few times, looking for a way up this canyon.

More climbing

Taking a break

Mortero Palms behind Connor

Dave, Connor and Cameron, after an hour of climbing and looking for a way up the canyon, we finally made it to Mortero Palms. Its now 11:30am, but we are only half a mile into our 10 mile hike!

Time to explore this area

This is really cool!

They loved this place, didn't want to leave. They also had a blast climbing over all the rocks. But we have something like 10 miles to go.
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