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Zion Angels Landing

On our way to Angels Landing in Zion National Park
A little closer
Starting to climb
Walters Wiggles - zigzagging switchbacks
We've been climbing for an hour now
Scout Lookout, turnaround point for those who don't want to continue, its going to get very steep, lots of sharp drop offs and narrow paths
Look close, you can see people all the way up the narrow spine
Very close now
At the top, about 2 hours to get here
Great views of Zion Canyon, looking south
End of the trail, this is the top
looking north
the narrow top of Angels Landing
Starting our way back down
Lots of rock scrambling, but nothing difficult
Another look at the switchbacks, thats Connor half way down
One last look
thats it! over the bridge and hop on the shuttle bus and back to the car. About 5 hours to do this hike, we spent half an hour at the top