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Crucero, Mesquite Springs, The Megaphone and Afton Canyon

near Crucero, Bill holding Bill Manns book to the page of the Rock Igloo. What was it for?

The 'Megaphone' in the Mesquite Springs area

Up close and quite a climb. See the bikes below?

Size perspective

At Mesquite Springs the Mystery Furnaces lined with firebrick in this remote location near the old Tonapah & Tidewater RR well north of Ludlow.

In Afton Canyon near West end there are a few old Indian Caves

After crossing I-15 at Field Rd. we went up in the Alvord Range. The view is from the top of Impassible Pass on the Old Spanish trail down from Salt Lake City. This is right on the border of Fort Irwin, so don’t go north.

Gravesite is north of I-15 opposite Afton Canyon road



Heading NE to Silver Lake via Red Pass

Red Pass Lake


Silver Dry Lake…not so dry... we couldn’t get to the Fossil Shell layers.

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