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Lava Tube

Credits to Bill Mann’s “ Guide to 50 Interesting and Mysterious Sites in the Mojave” Volume I of a series. 1998, Revised, 2/00. Shortfuse Publishing Co. Barstow, Ca.


 Dennis G. Casebier’s  “Mojave Road Guide” An Adventure Through Time. 1999. Tales of the Mojave Road Publishing Company Essex, CA. 

We staged in Baker and next 3 groups of picturess are on this loop. We had stashed gas and a lunch off of Field Road exit of I-15.


Pano at Lava tube site off Kelbaker Road

The entrance. The ladder feels rickety until you get on it.

see my hand on the right side of the rock pile? From below in the tube it is a solid roof with a small hole.

need to crawl to next chamber

In the big chamber

looking at a small hole which is shown two pics down

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